FAQ and Help

Here you should find the answers to most questions that relate to getting the Account Sync EA setup, versioning, accessing your factsheets, linking your trading accounts to your user profile.

Getting Started

Setting Up and Syncing an MT4 Account

Step 1.

Download the UNION Account Sync EA.

Step 2.

Save the downloaded EA to the Expert Advisors folder of your MT4 Terminal.

Show me how.
Step 3.

On the main menu of the MT4 terminal, select Tools then Options.

Next, select the Expert Advisors tab and check the Allow WebRequest for listed URL: checkbox.

Now add the URL to the list and click OK.

Step 4. Important

Select the Account History tab in the Termial window.

Right click inside the trade area and select All History.

This can be changed once the account has completed syncing
Step 5.

The UNION Account Sync EA will be visible in the Navigator. If it is not visible, right click and click refresh.

Drag the EA onto the chart.

Step 6.

Select the Common tab of the Expert.

Uncheck Allow live trading.

Check Allow DLL imports.
Checking this allows the buttons on the chart to open the account factsheet, help, link account and update EA web pages in the browser.

Step 7.

Select the Inputs tab you can provide the optional email address.

Click OK and your MT4 account will begin syncing.

Account Synced Confirmation.

Once the account has Synced on the left of the chart you will see a green button and the text Last Synced At: with the date and time.

You will also see:

  1. a blue Help button which will open the help page in the browser.
  2. a green EA Version button which will confirm that the current Version is up to date.
  3. a blue Factsheet button which will open the Trading Account Factsheet in the browser.
  4. a blue Link Account button which if clicked will open the Link Account page in the browser allowing you to add the Trading Account to a Synclist of Trading Accounts.
Latest update: 6 November, 2018

Saving the EA to the Expert Advisors Folder

Step 1.

Open the Downloads folder and copy the UNION Account Sync EA to the clipboard.

Step 2.

Open the MT4 terminal and click on the File menu and then on Open Data Folder.

Step 3 a.

The Windows File Explorer will open. Find the MQL4 folder and double click it.

Step 3 b.

Once inside the MQL4 folder, find the Experts folder and double click it.

Step 4.

The Windows File Explorer will open. Find the MQL4 Folder and double click it.

Latest update: May 25, 2015
Expert Advisor (EA) Messages and Errors


The Account Sync Expert Advisor is starting.

Latest update: 12 August, 2018

Invalid Authentication Key.

You are trying to sync an MT4 account with an invalid authentication key.

If you have linked your account you can access the MT4 account authentication key via your Synclist on the dashboard of your user account.

If your MT4 account has not been linked to your user account, please email [email protected] stating the account number for which you need the authentication key.

Latest update: 12 August, 2018

Failed to start the timer.

In order for the MT4 Account Sync EA to sucessfully sync your trading account, a timer is set. When starting the EA, sometimes the timer fails to start. We will try numerous times before exiting gracefully.

If you see this error, please restart the EA.

Latest update: 12 August, 2018

Not connected.

There are few reasons for this error.

Check the bottom right of the MT4 terminal where you will either see 'Invalid Account', 'Account Disabled' or 'Connection Lost' Connection Lost: There may be no connection to the server. While this may be a broker issue, the EA will continute to check, and if the connection is restored syncing will continue.

Invalid Account:

Account Disabled:

Latest update: 12 August, 2018
Filtering the Factsheet Trades Tab

Working with the Trades Tab

Using the filter to interogate the data.

Latest update: 12 August, 2018


The Account Sync Expert Advisor is starting.

Latest update: 12 August, 2018